All The Tools You Need To Reach Your Holistic Health Potential.

You’re invited on a 12 week journey. A sustainable model of health and wellness. We'll hold your hand down a proven path that leads to a more energised; healthy; connected; and conscious version of you.

We lead you home.


Be Seen & Heard. Feel Understood.
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Now is the time to be in your optimal state of health. 
Follow a path to vibrant health.

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You respond to the crazy external world by choice.
Develop a positive internal narrative.

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You are so much more than just your physical body.
Go deeper to uncover all of you.

Now, more than ever, is the time for positive change. Follow a holistic path forward. Together.

In moments of stress and radical change we can fall into unhealthy behaviour. As we slide 'off track' we all need support to reset and get back on track. We're all human. 

Not prioritising your physical health? Reclaim your best body now.

Feeling stressed & anxious? Build a positive mindfulness practice now. 

Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain? Go within and develop strength now. 

You’ll have your full team of qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Intuitive Healers, and Coaches guiding, supporting, educating and empowering you from day one. 

We've made it easy to follow a proven path to your true holistic health potential…. Whatever that looks and feels like for you.

The world is shutting down. That doesn't mean you have to...

Now is the best time to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Your journey awaits!

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In this 12-week course you will understand, embody, and integrate the 12 core pillars of holistic health into your life.

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Self Care

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Heart & Soul


A member looking for support, not 'spiritual entertainment' ...

"The program has been one of the best investments I have ever made. The content, the resource, the simplicity, the structure, the love and support you guys put into this is AMAZING. I truly love the way you summarise each resource and make it actionable, because otherwise it's just spiritual entertainment."

Cristina Escudero, Student of Naturopathy, Spain



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Amazing! Count me in.

With over 100 holistic health resources at your finger tips; the team at Natural Instinct Healing have created this program to support you on your health journey toward whole health, happiness and freedom. Together we can rise up!

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A team of qualified Western Health Professionals to guide and support you.

10+ years experience crafting & facilitating health programs. 

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Kate Reardon

Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy • Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine • 300 hour Certified Yoga Instructor • Feminine Embodiment Facilitator


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Pat Reardon

Bachelor of International Business

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Alex Vannucci

Bachelor of Health Science - Nutrition • 500 hour Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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Clare Boyd

200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor • Certified Somatic Stress Release Instructor



3 easy payments of $49/month

  • 12 week program access
  • 20 minute tailored health priority assessment
  • 20 minute review and reset session
  • Detox Box - home cleanse kit (digital format)
  • A copy of the essential cleanse (digital format)


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All of Ignite tier inclusions +

  • Lifetime program access
  • 1 x 60 minute private 1:1 sessions with a team member of your choice 
  • Private chat support with industry experts
  • Detox Box - home cleanse kit (physical product)
  • A copy of The Essential Cleanse (hard copy)
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The Natural Instinct Healing team are 100% committed to making an impact and supporting their clients to live to their full potential! They are an amazing group of health professionals with a true passion for creating healthy lifestyles.

Katherine Maslen

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author and Founding Director of Brisbane Natural Health, Australia

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This is the place to go if you want to do a serious results driven [program]. They have thought of everything and had the skill and compassion to address everything. This has been a huge turning point and awareness. I am so grateful. You are A++.

Sandy Gallagher

CEO & President at Proctor Gallagher Institute, United States of America

Are you ready to step into your holistic health potential? 

YES. Let's do this!